A Selection of Documents from the Human Rights Complaint

The Human Rights Complaint

  1. The Complaint as referred to the Human Rights Board of Inquiry

The Expert Reports filed by the Complainants regarding Systemic Discrimination against persons with disabilities and Institutionalization

  1. Bach Final – Expert Opinion
  2. Frazee – Report w scenario and cv (2017-12-07)

Government Reports on the need for community based options and deinstitutionalisation

  1. Report of the Task Group on Homes for Special Care (DCS 1984-06)
  2. The Mentally Disabled Population of the Halifax County Region-Needs and Direction, 1989 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 1)
  3. Review of Children’s Training Centres- R & R to Minister of Community Services, October 1994, (Exhibit Vol II-Document 11)
  4. Moving Towards Deinstitutionalization: A Discussion Paper, Department of Community Services, February 1995 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 3)
  5. Report of the Review of Small Option Homes, Department of Community Services (April 1998) (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 6)
  6. Memorandum to Cabinet: Minister of Community Services LeBlanc, November 1990 (Exhibit Vol II, Document 8)
  7. An Independent Evaluation of the Nova Scotia Community Based Options Community Residential Service System, 2001 (aka ‘the Kendrick Report’) (Commissioned by the Department of Community Services) (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 9)
  8. Department of Community Services Report of Residential Services (SPD) (June 2008) (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 23)
  9. Choice, Equality, and Good Lives in Inclusive Communities, a Roadmap for Transforming SPD, (the Nova Scotia Joint Community-Government Advisory Committee on Transforming the Services to Persons with Disabilities (SPD) Program), June 2013 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 32)

Moratorium (aka freeze on Small Option homes)

  1. Hansard Committee of the Whole House, May 1, 1997, (Exhibit 80 at the Hearing)
  2. Department of Community Services Media Release, February 1995 (Exhibit 50)
  3. Department of Community Services Web Page, April 12, 2004 re the Moratorium (Exhibit Vol III, Document 14)
  4. Advice to Minister of Community Services, Briefing Note re Small Option Homes, August 2010 (Exhibit Vol III, Document 9)
  5. Hansard Budget Supply Debates (2017-10-10)

Impacts of the Moratorium: Waiting Times

  1. Psychiatric Facilities Review Board Annual Reports [Exhibit Vols VI-B-9 (a) through (d)]:
    1. 1998-1999
    2. 1999-2000
    3. 2000-2001
    4. 2001-2002
  2. DCS Table of Residential Capacity by Type of Living Situation (1989 through 2017) (Exhibit Vol III, Document 17)
  3. DCS Ministerial Advice and Briefing Memo re Transformation, November 2013 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 1)
  4. DCS Briefing Note SPD Wait List for Adults with Disabilities, October 2007 DCS Briefing Note SPD Wait List for Adults with Disabilities, October 2007 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 3)
  5. Advice to Minister re SPD Wait Lists, April 3 2012 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 8)
  6. Advice to Minister re SPD Program Wait List and Placement Pressures, March 11, 2013 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 9)
  7. DCS Briefing Memo SPD Waitlist, November 2013 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 18)
  8. DSP Waitlist by Length of Wait time, September 2015 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 14)
  9. DCS Average Wait times August 31, 2015 (Exhibit Vol VII, Document 15)
  10. DCS Statement of Mandate, 2014-2015 (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 25)
  11. DCS 2015-2016 Accountability Report (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 26
  12. DCS Statement of Mandate, 2015-2016 (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 27
  13. DCS Planning Document in Response to Management Audit, 1994 (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 33)
  14. Management Audit Report, January 1994 (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 71)
  15. DSP Waitlist, November 17, 2017 (Exhibit 45)
  16. Wait times for East Coast Forensic Hospital Patients Granted Conditional Discharges Bradley Capital Health Memo to DCS CSA Renewal Committee, October 2003 (Exhibit 55)
  17. Patryk Simon’s report (2018-05-31)
  18. DSP Waitlist, August 26, 2019 (Exhibit 85)
  19. DSP Waitlist Memo, Fall 2014
  20. ARC-RRC Moratorium on Long Term Placements (effective June 2016) (Exhibit Vol VI-A-68)
  21. Removed in May 2021: Dep’t of Community Services Policies limiting the length of time that newly institutionalized people can live in institutions
  22. Letter from DCS Deputy Minister Robert Wood to Treasury Board re SPD Program Budget Pressures and Mitigation Strategies, (January 12, 2012) (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 58)

The Problems with Institutions

  1. Emerald Hall External Review, Griffiths and Stavrakaki (2006) (Exhibit Vol VI-B, Document 3)
  2. Putting People First, 2013 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 33)
  3. Report on Riverview Home Corporation Prepared for DCS, December 2009 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 42)
  4. Deloitte Touche Operational Review of Braemore Home Corporation, October 2011 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 26)

Community Call to Action and Province’s Response

  1. Briefing Note on the Kendrick Report Coalition, March 2002 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 13)
  2. Letter of March 2016 to Honourable Stephen McNeil from Mr. Wexler on behalf of the DRC (Exhibit VI-A, Document 54)
  3. Premier McNeil letter of April 18, 2016 to Wexler (Exhibit VI-A, Document 55)

Department of Community Services DSP “Transformation”

  1. IRIS Review of Reports on Disability Supports and Services in Nova Scotia, March 2013 (Exhibit VI-A, Document 62)
  2. Choice, Equality, and Good Lives in Inclusive Communities, Roadmap for Transforming SPD, June 2013 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 32)
  3. DSP Transformation, December 16, 2016 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 66)
  4. DSP Health Realignment Working Group: Terms of Reference, March 25, 2016 (Exhibit Vol VIII, Document 84)
  5. Putting People First: What We Heard, July 2013 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 29
  6. DCS Standing Committee Presentation Re DSP Transformation, September 15, 2015 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 64)
  7. Hansard of DCS Standing Committee Presentation Re DSP September 15, 2015 (Exhibit Vol VI-A, Document 65)
  8. CHAG Report Card on the Progress of the DSP Transformation, November 2015 (Exhibit VI-B, Document 6)


  1. Transcript of the testimony provided at the Human Rights Hearing by the Deputy Minister of Community Services, Lynn Hartwell (August 9th and 10th, 2018)