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Media Coverage of EH Human Rights Complaint


2023 Media Hits

  1. Saltwire (Francis Campbell):Agreement approved to remedy long-term discrimination against disabled Nova Scotians (30 June, 2023)
  2. CBC (Michael Tutton, CP):  Legal victory for N.S. disabilities rights converted into 5-year plan for reforms (30 June, 2023) 
  3. CBC (Steve Lambert, CP): Stefanson apologizes for abuse at Manitoba Developmental Centre as part of $17M settlement (1 June, 2023)
  4. DRC (Media Release): Interim agreement reached on a systemic human rights remedy for persons with disabilities (26 April, 2023)

2022 Media Hits

  1. CBC (Carolyn Ray): CBC: After a decade NS disability rights advocate finally allowed to move out of nursing home (3 November, 2022)
  2. CBC (Bryce Hoye): Winnipeg woman who chose to die with medical assistance said struggle for home care help led to decision (4 October, 2022)
  3. CBC (Matthew Pierce): More than 1 in 5 residents in long-term care given antipsychotics without a diagnosis, data shows (14 September, 2022)
  4. Saltwire (Francis Campbell): Disability coalition, province agree to seek independent advice on discrimination remedy (13 September, 2022)
  5. CBC (Keith Doucette): Despite court ruling, no timeline for closing N.S. institutions for disabled people (6 September, 2022)
  6. Global News (Lyndsay Armstrong, CP): N.S. says it won’t try to justify housing discrimination against disabled people (12 July, 2022)
  7. Saltwire (Francis Campbell): Time to start working on remedy for systemic discrimination against disabled, lawyer says (5 July, 2022)
  8. DisabilityRightsCoalitionNS (website): Vicky Levack receives 2022 James MacGregor Stewart Award (2 July, 2022)
  9. Halifax Examiner (Morning File): Government considers exempting itself from Court of Appeal ruling on housing discrimination (28 July, 2022)
  10. CBC (CP, Keith Doucette): N.S. hearing delayed on housing for disabled people as province decides on exemption (28 June, 2022)
  11. CBC (Gareth Hampshire): Supreme Court of Canada will not hear N.S. appeal in disability rights case (14 April, 2022)
  12. Toronto Star (CP, Keith Doucette): Supreme Court of Canada rejects Nova Scotia’s appeal of lower court disabilities case (14 April, 2022)
  13. Halifax Examiner (Zane Woodford): Supreme Court of Canada dismisses Nova Scotia’s bid to appeal systemic discrimination ruling (14 April, 2022)
  14. Saltwire (Francis Campbell): Burrill renews call to premier to drop idea of appealing disabled rights case (24 January, 2022)
  15. CBC (Aly Thomson): N.S. facilities for people with disabilities grappling with Omicron (20 January, 2022)
  16. CBC (CP): COVID-19 outbreak at N.S. facility for people with disabilities not made public (14 January, 2022)
  17. Global (CP): N.S. government to top court: housing choice for people with disabilities not a right (10 January, 2022)
  18. Globe & Mail (paywall): Disability advocate Al Etmanski wants Canada to make history with a new guaranteed-income policy (1 January, 2022) [Note: see also interview with Al Etmanski below]

2021 Media Hits

  1. Saltwire: ROSALIND PENFOUND: Government should drop appeal of court’s ruling on systemic discrimination (28 December, 2021)
  2. Globe & Mail podcast: A new way to eliminate 40% of poverty (interview with Al Etmanski) (22 December, 2021)
  3. Saltwire Opinion: ROSALIND PENFOUND: Government should drop appeal of court’s ruling on systemic discrimination  (28 December, 2021)
  4. CBC The Current: N.S. gov’t appeal in disabled rights case shows ‘they don’t view us as people,’ advocate says  (13 December, 2021)
  5. Saltwire: Government justification for appealing disabled discrimination ruling ‘misleading,’ lawyer says  (10 December, 2021)
  6. Saltwire: JIM VIBERT: Nova Scotia government’s decision to appeal disabled ruling is a head-spinning reversal (6 December, 2021)
  7. Saltwire: PC government changes course, appeals ruling of systemic discrimination against disabled (3 December, 2021)
  8. Halifax Examiner (Jennifer Henderson): ‘The worst possible outcome’: After the premier said he wouldn’t pursue it in court, Houston government is appealing disability rights decision (2 December, 2021)
  9. CBC (Blair Rhodes): Nova Scotia government to appeal ruling in disabilities discrimination case (2 December, 2021)
  10. CTV News (CP): Nova Scotia government heading back to court against disabilities group (2 December, 2021)
  12. Supreme Advocacy: Human Rights: Social Assistance & Systemic Discrimination  (3 November, 2021)
  13. Saltwire (Victoria Levack): Regaining my autonomy as a disabled Nova Scotian after a stolen decade (October 13, 2021)
  14. Saltwire (Jim Vibert): Discrimination against disabled systemic in Nova Scotia — and those who fought it heroic (October 9, 2021)
  15. Saltwire, Dulcie McCallum: Will the landmark decision from the Court of Appeal herald a new beginning for people with disabilities in Nova Scotia? (October 8, 2021)
  16. Toronto Star (Michael Tutton-CP): N.S. court victory may bring lasting improvement to lives of people with disabilities (October 8, 2021)
  17. CBC Information Morning – Cape Breton (Steve Sutherland): Landmark decision for the rights of people who are disabled (October 8, 2021)
  18. Saltwire (Aaron Beswick): Houston commits to not fight disabled rights ruling (October 8, 2021)
  19. CBC Information Morning NS (Portia Clark): Landmark decision finds systemic discrimination against people with disabilities in N.S. (October 7, 2021)
  20. Michael Gorman (Twitter @MichaelTGorman), CBC: Tim Houston says his govt will not fight this ruling. “We’ve heard the message loud and clear.” (October 6, 2021
  21. CTV Atlantic (CP): Beth MacLean, who won human rights case for people with disabilities, dies at age 50 (September 30, 2021)

Road to Inclusion 2023 Campaign (July-August 2021)

  1. Chronicle Herald (Andrew Rankin): Disability rights advocate Vicky Levack wins battle for home in the community (August 30, 2021)
  2. CBC Mainstreet NS: New project shines light on institutionalization of Nova Scotians with intellectual disabilities (August 24, 2021)
  3. Global News: Rally accuses Nova Scotia of failing to provide community-based living for disabled people (August 13, 2021)
  4. Chronicle Herald: Disability rights advocates stage rally, remind Nova Scotia of promises (August 13, 2012)
  5. CBC Information Morning NS: Halifax disability advocate frustrated by how her protest was portrayed by party campaign (August 10, 2021)
  6. Chronicle Herald (My Home My Rights): Speaking up for disability justice in N.S. (August 10, 2021)
  7. CBC: Disability rights advocates crash Rankin campaign event (August 9, 2021)
  8. Blog of Judy Haiven: On the hustings: Rankin does his best to ignore demands of physically disabled in NS (August 9, 2021)
  9. Halifax Today (CP): N.S. election: parties won’t meet goals of 10-year plan for people with disabilities (August 6, 2021)
  10. Global News: Disability Rights Coalition wants to see Nova Scotia be more inclusive (July 24, 2021)
  11. Chronicle Herald (Sheila Wildeman & Kim Pate): Lack of community supports trap disabled in poverty, institutions (July 22, 2021)
  12. Nova Scotia Advocate (Robert Devet): Government abandoned earlier commitments to community living supports, new report charges (July 20, 2021)
  13. Halifax Examiner (Jennifer Henderson): Report: Nova Scotia failing to meet its commitment to de-institutionalize people with disabilities (July 20, 2021)
  14. CBC: Disability rights group bemoans ‘glacial’ progress on community-based care (July 19, 2021)
  15. CBC Radio (Mainstreet NS with Jeff Douglas): Disability rights group says plan to improve community-based care in N.S. has stalled (July 19, 2021)

  1. Chronicle Herald: ‘NS too slow in moving people living with disabilities into community, critics say‘ (February 3, 2021)
  2. ‘Nova Scotia is the only province that hasn’t yet closed its large adult residential centres‘ (February 2, 2021)
  3. CBC-Canadian Press (Michael Tutton): ‘Advocate calls pace ‘glacial’ on 8 new homes for people with disabilities‘ (February 1, 2021)
  4. ‘Opinion: Bill C-7 equates disability to suffering’ (January 7, 2021)

2020 Media Hits

  1. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘The stakes are high: Day 2 of the wrongful institutionalization appeal’ (November 19, 2020)
    • Comments for ‘The stakes are high: Day 2 of the wrongful institutionalization appeal’
  2. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘From human rights Board of Inquiry to Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, case against wrongful institutionalization continues’ (November 18, 2020)
  3. CBC Halifax Information Morning (Wayne MacKay interview, audio): ‘Affordable Housing for People with Disabilities’ (November 18, 2020)
  4. CBC-Canadian Press (Michael Tutton): ‘N.S court hears case over housing rights for people with intellectual disabilities’ (November 18, 2020)
  5. CTV-Canadian Press (Michael Tutton): ‘Battle over housing rights for people with intellectual disabilities in N.S. court’ (November 18, 2020)
  6. The Star online (Michael Tutton): ‘Battle over housing rights for people with intellectual disabilities in N.S. court’
  7. Globe and Mail online (Michael Tutton): ‘Nova Scotia court hears arguments in battle over housing rights for people with intellectual disabilities’ (November 18, 2020)
  8. Chronicle Herald, Andrew Rankin: ‘N.S. Court of Appeal case aims to prove province denying adequate housing for disabled’ (November 17, 2020 – updated November 18, 2020)
  9. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘People with disabilities assert their rights in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal’ (November 16, 2020)
  10. CBC Halifax Information Morning (Wayne MacKay interview, audio): ‘The fight for long-term care options for people with disabilities‘ (October 2, 2020)
  11. Chronicle Herald: ‘Young woman says life in nursing home unbearable, calls for more community housing options for disabled’ (September 28, 2020)
  12. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘An act of discrimination brought on by government, condoned by the NS Human Rights Commission, and minimized by the inquiry chair’ (May 12, 2020)
  13. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘Open letter to Minister Kelly Regan requesting pandemic pay incentives for workers supporting Nova Scotians with intellectual disabilities’ (May 3, 2020)
  14. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘Warren (Gus) Reed: Inclusion and the NS Human Rights Commission‘ (April 20, 2020)
  15. Amnesty International: ‘Canada: 301 organizations, academics and others urge governments to adopt human rights oversight of COVID-19 responses’ (April 15, 2020)
  16. Chronicle Herald: ‘SHEILA WILDEMAN: COVID-19 and disability institutions: Time to act is now’ (April 14, 2020)
  17. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘Human rights lawyer calls for accountability of Community Services as COVID-19 threatens institutional facilities’ (April 9, 2020)
  18. Chronicle Herald: ‘Nova Scotia’s disabled overlooked in pandemic plan: advocate‘ (April 2, 2020)
  19. Nova Scotia Advocate: ‘Government should do much more to protect institutionalized people with disabilities during the pandemic’ (March 20, 2020)

2019 Media Hits

Board of Inquiry Remedy Decision Coverage (December 2019)


  1. Human Rights Digest: ‘Compensation Decision is Shocking if not Outright Discriminatory‘ (December, 2019)
  2. Chronicle Herald Opinion: ‘Compensation awards to MacLean, Delaney woefully inadequate‘ (December 14, 2019)
  3. Chronicle Herald Editorial: ‘Promises Should be Kept: We need answers on housing for the disabled’(December 11, 2019)
  4. NS Human Rights Commission Media Release (December 5, 2019)
  5. CBC Nova Scotia Online/Canadian Press: ‘N.S. fined for housing people with intellectual disabilities in hospital’ (December 4, 2019)
  6. Halifax Examiner: ‘Compensation of $100K for three disabled people who fought for human rights’
  7. CBC Radio: As It Happens interview with Jo-Anne Pushie (December 5, 2019) (Interview begins at the 26:50 point)
  8. Nova Scotia Advocate: Another bad decision in community living human rights enquiry’ (December 6, 2019)
  9. Chronicle Herald:  ‘Compensation for trio institutionalized won’t curb systemic discrimination by N.S. government: expert’ (December 7, 2019)

  1. Chronicle Herald (Sept 25 2019): “The government knows what should be done. They should just do it.” EDITORIAL: Righting a grievous wrong with small group home options for Nova Scotians
  2. Chronicle Herald (Sept 23, 2019): “Six months after releasing his 108-page decision, board inquiry chair Walter Thompson must now decide how much compensation the province owes MacLean, Joseph Delaney and the late Sheila Livingstone, who died in a Yarmouth institution three years ago.” Province, lawyer for institutionalized trio far apart on compensation.
  3. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 20, 2019): A little bit of good news for anybody wants people labelled as living with intellectual disabilities to have better access to community-based housing options. National groups to join human rights legal fight on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities.
  4. GlobalNews (June 20, 2019): The appeal was launched by the Disability Rights coalition after the human rights board of inquiry found the province had violated the human rights of three people with disabilities. 3 national organizations granted intervener status in disabilities human rights appeal
  5. Chronicle Herald (July 20, 2019): A judge has granted intervenor status to three national disabilities groups in an appeal of a human rights board of inquiry decision involving discrimination against three Nova Scotians. National groups granted role in Nova Scotia disability rights case
  6. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 18, 2019): Several groups are seeking to appeal a Human Rights Board of Inquiry decision that found that people with intellectual disabilities face no systemic discrimination in terns of housing. Coalition seeks to appeal human rights decision on community living.
  7. GlobalNews (June 18, 2019): The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal will set dates for an appeal of a decision by the province’s human rights board of inquiry. Court to set appeal dates for finding of Nova Scotia human rights board inquiry
  8. Canada’s leading human rights decision publisher features the recent NS Human Rights Board of Inquiry decision in MacLean et al. in its current ‘Human Rights Digest’ and the editors have singled it out for its monthly View Point case comment: CHRR Human Rights Digest View Point April 2019


United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Mission to Canada—including Nova Scotia

  1. At the conclusion of her mission to Canada, the UN’s expert on disability rights, Ms Catalina Devandas-Aguilar (Costa Rica), expresses ‘extreme concern’ concerning the failure of Canadian governments (incl. Nova Scotia) to ensure adequate community-based supports for persons with disabilities. She was also critical of the idea of making individual families file their own human rights complaint. (April 12, 2019): Canada needs to ensure systemic change for people with disabilities, says UN human rights expert


Reports of Panel Presentation and Open Letter

  1. The Coast, Halifax (April 11, 2019):  The time is yesterday for action on systemic warehousing of people with disabilities.
  2. CBC (April 9, 2019): Nova Scotia family fights for future of son with disabilities
  3. “…People become investments, not burdens.  Government is an enabler, not a caretaker.  Individuals are independent and self-reliant.  That shift in priorities will benefit all Nova Scotians and lead to a more prosperous and equal province.”
    The James McGregor Stewart Society (April 5, 2019): Envisioning the Elephant
  4. Chronicle Herald  (April 4, 2019): Letter urges province to address ‘human rights crisis’ for disabled
  5. The Star Halifax (April 4, 2019):
  6. CTV (April 4, 2019):
  7. CBC (April 4, 2019):
  8. Global News (April 4, 2019):

Commentary on the Board of Inquiry Decision


  1. Here is a powerful piece by Cynthia Bruce on Ableism and the HR decision (March 17, 2019):
  2. Chronicle Herald (March 12, 2019): “VIBERT: Province has moral obligation to disabled.”
  3. CBC Radio Information Morning interview with two Ryerson academics discussing ‘ableism’ which is at the core of the recent Human Rights case (March 11, 2019) [BROKEN LINK, update requested from CBC]:
  4. Chronicle Herald (March 11, 2019): “EDITORIAL: Disgraceful treatment of mentally disabled hospital residents”
  5. Nova Scotia Advocate (March 7 2019): “NS Human Rights Board Ruling of Discrimination in Warehousing Case Disappointing”
  6. Contrarian (March 4 2019): “Human Rights Board Chair Walter Thompson slams the door on 1,500 intellectually challenged Nova Scotians”




The Phase One Decision


  1. CBC News (March 4 2019): “N.S. Human Rights Board Rules Province Discriminated Against 3 Adults With Disabilities”
  2. Global News (March 4 2019): “N.S. Inquiry Finds That Hospital Violated Human Rights of People with Disabilities”
  3. Chronicle Herald (February 22, 2019): “Opinion: Foot-Dragging on Housing Leaves Mentally Disabled in Confinement”


2018 Media Hits


Beginning of the Phase One of the Hearing


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (February 3, 2018): “News Release: Human Rights Hearing Begins about province’s provision of supportive housing for people with disabilities”
  2. Globe and Mail online (February 4, 2018): “Nova Scotia Human Rights Case Seeks to Establish Right to Supported Housing for People with Disabilities.”
  3. CTV News (February 4, 2018): “Disabled Deserve a Right to Supported Homes, N.S. Case Argues”



Opening Arguments for Phase One of the Hearing


  1. CBC News online (February 5, 2018): “Nova Scotia argues that supported housing for disabled is not a right”
  2. CBC Radio (February 6, 2018): “People with Disabilities Have a Right to live in the community, not institutions, argues lawyer”
  3. CBC Radio podcast of the above (February 6, 2018):
  4. The Signal, (February 6, 2018): “Human Rights Case Argues for Community Living, Not Institutions”
  5. Halifax Examiner (February 6, 2018): “Needlessly Institutionalized”



Evidence from Dr. Michael Bach, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. Global News Halifax (February 13, 2018): “Evidence Underway in Nova Scotia Human Rights Inquiry”
  2. Toronto City News (February 13, 2018): “N.S. System for People with Disabilities Had Dark Roots, Expert Tells Inquiry”
  3. CTV News Online (February 13, 2018): “Unique Human Rights Looks at Rights of Disabled People and Where they Live”
  4. The Signal (February 14, 2018): “Expert Testifies in Disability Human Rights Hearing”



Evidence from Jo-Anne Pushie, Witness for the Individual Complainants


  1. CBC News Online (February 14, 2018): “Report Warned of Rights of N.S. People with Disabilities ‘Verging’ on Violation”
  2. The Signal (February 16, 2018): “Former Institutional Worker ‘Astonished’ by Wait Time for Social Homes”
  3. CBC News Online (February 19, 2018): “Apology Sought for ‘Disturbing’ Confinement of People with Disabilities”
  4. CBC News Online (February 20, 2018) “Woman with disabilities remained in hospital 15 years as reports called for exit”
  5. Toronto Star (February 20, 2018): “Nova Scotia Human Rights Inquiry Hears Lack of Supported Housing Led to 15-year Hospital Stay for Woman With Disabilities”
  6. Truro News (February 21, 2018): “Vibert: Basic Rights for Intellectually Challenged Seems Like a No-Brainer”



Evidence from Beth MacLean, Tammy Delaney, Olga Cain witnesses for the Individual Complainants


  1. CBC News Online (March 6, 2018): “N.S. Woman with Intellectual Disability Recounts Quest for Release from Hospital”



Evidence from Nicole Robinson, Witness for the Individual Complainants


  1. Toronto Star Online (March 8, 2018): “People with Disabilities lose hope, skills in psychiatric hospital: Nova Scotia Therapist”



Evidence from Jim Fagan, Witness for the Individual Complainants


  1. CBC News Online (March 12, 2018): “N.S. Woman’s Move to Adult Facility Required Ministerial Approval, Inquiry told”
  2. CBC News Online (March 13, 2018): “Community Homes Coming for Complainants in Human Rights Inquiry”



Evidence from Jim Fagan and Dr. Mutiat Sulyman, Witnesses for the Individual Complainants


  1. Toronto City News (March 13, 2018): “N.S. to House People With Disabilities Who Fought for Release From the Hospital”



Evidence from Dr. Dorothy Griffiths, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. CBC News Online (March 23, 2018): “Expert Who Warned of ‘Incarcerating’ People with Disabilities Speaks at Inquiry”



Evidence from Dr. Catherine Frazee, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. Global News (June 4, 2018): “Nova Scotia ‘Austerity’ Left People with Disabilities Without Housing, Inquiry Told”
  2. Toronto City News (June 4, 2018): “‘Ableist’ Bias Left People with Disabilities Without Housing, N.S. Inquiry Told”
  3. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 4, 2018): “Ableism and Austerity Behind Nova Scotia’s Shortage of Community Living Options, Human Rights Inquiry Told”



Evidence from Patryk Simon, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. CBC News Online (June 5, 2018): “Patients Ready for Release Kept at N.S. Psychiatric Hospital for Years, Hearing Told”
  2. 680 News (June 5, 2018): “Patients Stuck at Halifax Forensic Hospital for Years, Rights Inquiry Told”
  3. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 5, 2018): “Many Stuck at East Coast Forensic Hospital for Years Because of Lack of Housing Supports, Human Rights Enquiry Hears”



Evidence from Carol Ann Brennan and Jennifer MacDonald, Witnesses for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 6, 2018): “Residents of Psychiatric Ward Could Have Come Home, Human Rights Enquiry Told”



Evidence from Brenda Hardiman, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. CTV News Online (June 7, 2018): “Mom Says Nova Scotia is Failing People with Disabilities”



Evidence from Brenda Hardiman, Leslie Lowther, and Wendy Lill, Witnesses for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 8, 2018): “ ‘Quest is a Warehouse, I Stand By That,’ Parent Tells Human Rights Enquiry”



Evidence from Richard Rector, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. CBC News Online (June 12, 2018): “N.S. Man Shares Testimony of ‘Hellish’ Time in Institutionalized Care Facility”



Evidence from Barb Horner, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. CBC News Online (June 13, 2018): “Mother Tells Inquiry About Disabled Daughter’s 5 Year Wait for a Home”



Evidence from Louise Bradley, Witness for the Disability Rights Coalition


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 14, 2018): “It is Really About Basic Dignity and Respect-Louise Bradley about Mental Health Care and Living in Institutions”



Evidence from Denise MacDonald-Billard, Witness for the Province


  1. CTV News Online (June 18, 2018): “No Safe House for N.S. Woman with Intellectual Disability, Witness Tells Inquiry”



Evidence from Neil MacDonald and Patricia Murray, Witnesses for the Province


  1. Global News (June 19, 2018): “N.S. Housing Wait Also Long for Poor Without Disabilities, Witness Testifies”



Evidence from Patricia Murray, Witness for the Province


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 21, 2018): “Community Services Made No Real Efforts to Find Emerald Hall Resident Joey Delaney a Suitable Home, Testimony at Human Rights Enquiry Reveals”



Evidence of Betty Rich, Witness for the Province


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (August 7, 2018): “Quest is Best Place for My Son, Mother Testifies at Human Rights Enquiry”


  1. CBC News Online (August 7, 2018): “‘Community Living is Not for Everyone’ Mother Tells Human Rights Hearing”



Evidence from Deputy Minister Lynn Hartwell, Witness for the Province


  1. CBC News Online (August 9, 2018) “Deputy Minister Defends Slow Pace of Program Changes for People with Disabilities”
  2. Nova Scotia Advocate (August 9, 2018): “Little Tangible Progress on Disability Roadmap, Deputy Minister’s Responses at Human Rights Enquiry Suggest”
  3. Nova Scotia Advocate (August 13, 2018): “Human Rights Enquiry on Community Living: Austerity by Any Other Name”



Phase One Closing Arguments


  1. Global News (October 30, 2018): “Closing Arguments Heard at N.S. Inquiry As People With Disabilities Allege Housing Discrimination”
  2. Chronicle Herald (October 30, 2018): “Nova Scotia Discriminated Against People with Disabilities, Rights Hearing Told”
  3. CTV News Atlantic (October 30, 2018) “Nova Scotia Discriminated Against People with Disabilities, Rights Hearing Told”


2017 Media Hit


Regarding the Delay in the Complaint Reaching a Hearing


  1. Nova Scotia Advocate (June 1, 2017): “Community Services Dragging Its Feet in Emerald Hall Human Rights Case, Says Community Living Advocate”


2016 Media Hit


Coverage of Lengthy Institutionalization of Man on Emerald Hall in the Nova Scotia Hospital


  1. CBC News online (January 19, 2016): “Mom pushes for more help for son living at Nova Scotia Hospital”,


2015 Media Hits


The Referral of the Complaint to a Board of Inquiry


  1. CBC News online (December 5, 2014): “Elizabeth Fry says Nova Scotia failing people with mental illness: 3 people living in institutions filed a human rights complaint”
  2. CBC Radio (May 15) “Nova Scotians with Mental Disabilities Focus of Human Rights Inquiry”
  3. Halifax Media Co-op: (May 20):


2014 Media Hits


The Filing of the Complaint


  1. Global News (includes video of media conference and interview with Beth) (Feb 24):