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We Need Your Help

Please let your elected representative and the candidates in this provincial election know how you feel about the foot-dragging by the provincial government on their promise of equality in inclusive communities for people with disabilities. We’ve included some text below to help get you started. Feel free to edit the letter or write your own.

The Premier and other party leaders’ email addresses are:

Premier-designate Tim Houston
Gary Burrill, MLA, NDP Leader for Nova Scotia:
Tim Houston, Premier-designate, the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia:
Iain Rankin, Leader of the Opposition, the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia
Optional: CC us at: The Disability Rights Coalition of NS would like a copy for our records – Thanks!

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  • Copy the text below
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  • Enter the email address of the Premier and other party leaders from the list above and CC your MLA
    (If you’re not sure who represents you in the House of Assembly, check the Nova Scotia government’s MLA finder.)
    (For an UNOFFICIAL list of the party candidates, click here [PDF file]. NOTE: This is not NS Elections official list.)
  • Add your name
  • Optional: CC us at: The Disability Rights Coalition of NS would like a copy for our records – Thanks!

Dear Premier-designate Houston:

Call to Action: The Road to Inclusion for People with Disabilities

I support equality in inclusive communities for people with disabilities. I call on you to publicly commit to take action now to meet the 2013 historic commitment to people with disabilities, endorsed by all parties:

  1. Commit to a firm, 3 year budget, on an immediate basis, in order to end wait times so that all eligible Disability Supports Program applicants will receive immediate access to appropriate supports and services to meet their needs under the Social Assistance Act, in accordance with the Roadmap, including 806 new independent living options in the community by December 31, 2023;
  1. Provide all persons with disabilities in need who are financially eligible meaningful access to community based services within three years and end the discriminatory practice of excluding some people with disabilities from access to independent living options in the community;
  1. End institutionalization of people with disabilities now and close all institutions for people with disabilities by 2023;
  1. As it has in other priority areas, provide funding for enhanced, ongoing, training and education, professional development and employment for residential care workers to further build sufficient community based capacity and ensure that wages and benefits are adequate to recruit and retain workers.


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