Emergency Planning and Relief Supports

Emergency Planning and Relief Supports

The DRC is advocating for emergency planning and relief supports on behalf of people with disabilities in institutional settings, such as RRCs, ARCs, RCFs, and the East Coast Forensic Hospital, who are capable and wish to leave the institutions. In response to Covid 19, to reduce the risk of infection, persons with disabilities need to be provided with supports and services to move to community based settings on an urgent basis.

DRC Human Rights Complaint before the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal

Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

The Disability Rights Coalition has filed an appeal of the March 4, 2019 Board of Inquiry Decision which dismissed the DRC’s complaint. The DRC complaint addressed the discriminatory impact of the Province’s policies and practices that have resulted in the unnecessary institutionalization of hundreds of people with disabilities, and a growing delay in obtaining supports and services to live in the community for other people with disabilities – currently numbering over 1500 people.