Disability Rights Board of Inquiry Continues

Disability Rights Board of Inquiry Continues Online

Apr 14, 2022

An independent human rights board of inquiry in the matter of Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia, Beth MacLean, Sheila Livingstone and Joseph Delaney vs. the Province of Nova Scotia will continue Friday, April 22.

This hearing will be on preliminary matters in the newly constituted board of inquiry following a decision by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

The board chair in this hearing is Donald Murray, who is independent of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

The hearing will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Express, 980 Parkland Dr., Halifax. The proceedings will be live-streamed on this webpage (below).

Important Notice from the Board Chair

The hearing is being made available on an internet stream for off-site visual and audio reception. Persons who do not wish to be seen by camera, even inadvertently, but who wish to monitor and follow the proceedings, should avail themselves of that streaming service.

The stream is intended for the convenience of the constituency interested in this proceeding but for whom personal attendance may be impractical or inconvenient. The stream is not intended for recording or rebroadcast.

The only official recording of the proceeding is, and will be, that made by the service recording the proceedings in the actual hearing room.

Disability Rights Board of Inquiry Continues