Remedy hearing for independent human rights board of inquiry

NOTE: This hearing was interrupted last week due to an illness. It is now set to resume on Monday, September 16 at 1:00pm at a NEW location – Park Lane: 

5657 Spring Garden Road
Park Lane Terrace
3rd Fl., Suite 305

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has posted the following update:

“A remedy hearing for the independent human rights board of inquiry into Beth MacLean, Sheila Livingstone, Joseph Delaney and the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia v. Province of Nova Scotia will begin in Halifax, Tuesday, Sept 10.

Board chair Walter Thompson published his decision on this matter in March, finding that the province discriminated against the complainants, Beth MacLean, Sheila Livingstone and Joey Delaney in the provision of access to services or facilities on account of mental and physical disability.

This remedy hearing will provide Mr. Thompson the opportunity to determine appropriate remedies with input from the parties.

The hearing will take place at the Best Western Chocolate Lake, 250 Saint Margaret’s Bay Rd., Halifax.”

To view the official media announcement click on the following link:

Remedy hearing for independent human rights board of inquiry