Nova Scotia Human Rights

Media Advisory, April 25 2023

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On Wednesday April 26, 2023 the Disability Rights Coalition will release an important update concerning its human rights complaint and the finding of systemic discrimination against persons with disabilities in their access to social assistance by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal as well as the independent expert report that was prepared as a result of a collaborative process with the Province towards a systemic human rights remedy.

Media Release: DRC salutes the Premier for ‘doing the right thing’

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On the eve of the anniversary of the all-party endorsement of the “Roadmap” on equality for persons with disabilities in Nova Scotia, the Disability Rights Coalition (DRC) applauds the Premier for his government’s decision to abandon any attempt to justify the systemic discrimination found by this Province’s highest Court in October of 2021 against persons with disabilities.

Nine months later, now that the Province has abandoned its bid to justify the discrimination, the next step is a collaborative process to craft an effective and meaningful remedy that fixes the discriminatory government system.