Road to Inclusion by 2023: Come With Us

The Road to Inclusion and Equality for People with Disabilities

In 2013, the current government committed to closing institutions and providing community-based living supports for all persons with disabilities within 10 years—by the end of 2023. It was all set out in the Roadmap—a plan to community inclusion drafted jointly by the Province and disability rights advocates, and endorsed by then Premier Stephen McNeil and his government.

With just over two years left, today’s Disability Rights Coalition (DRC) report makes clear that not only has progress toward inclusion been glacial but, in several respects, there has been serious back-sliding on the Province’s commitment to the Roadmap’s vision of community inclusion for persons who have experienced decades-long segregation and discrimination in accessing the services they need to live in the community.

We need your help: please let your elected representative and the candidates in this provincial election know how you feel about the foot-dragging by the provincial government on their promise of equality in inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

Call to Action: The Road to Inclusion and Equality for People with Disabilities

Read below or to download a PDF copy the Report click here:
Appendix A Update 2021 DCS-DSP Capacity Residential Support Options from 1998
Appendix B DCS DSP Adult Placements 2018-2021
Appendix C DCS DSP Service Request List – March 31 2021