Call to Action: Time To End The Discriminatory Treatment Of Persons With Disabilities In Need Take Action Now: Write to the Premier!

Highlights: The Nova Scotia Human Rights Case

The pages below will introduce you to the recent Human Rights Case in Nova Scotia:

Highlights: The Nova Scotia Human Rights Case
The Freedom Tour of Nova Scotia

This is the documentary The Freedom Tour of Nova Scotia (1:11 hours)

Send a Letter to the Premier

A day after the Court of Appeal released its ruling regarding decades-long systemic discrimination against people with disabilities in their access to social assistance, the Premier announced that he would “not fight people with disabilities in court” and that he would not appeal.

Fast forward to December 3, 2021 – and a shocking reversal by the Premier with the announcement that Province is appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada All the while the discriminatory treatment experienced by people with disabilities continues unchecked.

We need your support. Let the Premier know that you don’t want the discrimination to continue—and certainly not in your name.

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